Land Development / Site Planning
Our experienced staff will meet all of your land development project needs. Whether your project is a large subdivision, a simple lot line adjustment or a complex commercial site plan we can assist you through the design and permitting process for all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.
Hydraulics & Hydrology
In support of our projects we utilize our expertise in fluid mechanics to complete hydraulic and hydrological assessments. The Hydrologic analyses quantifies the volumetric flow rate of water draining from a watershed and the Hydraulic analyses determine the depth of flow, flow velocity, and forces from flowing water on a surface or on a structure.
Stormwater Management and Design
Rennia Engineering Design is an expert in the development of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP’s) and Stormwater Retrofit Practices. Our staff will quantify runoff, analyze drainage characteristics, and prepare a management plan to mitigate post development runoff. Our project solutions focus on all areas of stormwater management including diversion, retention, treatment, and transport.
Regulatory Compliance
Whether your project involves municipal boards or state and federal agencies, our experience provides you with guidance through the most complex regulatory approvals. Working in harmony with sensitive environments like wetlands and endangered species are part of our design considerations.
Wastewater Design
Our experienced staff is constantly designing onsite sewage treatment systems for both commercial and residential projects. These treatment systems can be designed to discharge to the ground or to surface waters. Rennia Engineering Design is also a premier designer of Artificial Wetland Treatment Systems for both sanitary and industrial waste streams.
Project Management
Advancing your project from the conceptual plan to the first concrete pour is a complex, demanding process that requires a broad range of resources and expertise. To make your vision a reality we will help you manage your project approval process and help you bring all the necessary resources to the table.
Operation and Maintenance Support
Rennia Engineering Design has knowledgeable and experienced staff to help maintain and operate your systems once they are constructed. We will develop a comprehensive schedule to ensure that your systems are maintained over time.
Water Design
Rennia Engineering Design provides engineering design and oversight services to various public water system suppliers. These water suppliers typically include Schools, Restaurants, Apartment Complexes, Mobile Home Parks, Offices and Private Communities. Our design services start with water source development then expand to the development of an appropriate treatment system to remove contaminates before final use.
Structural Design
Rennia Engineering Design offers a wide range of structural design services to meet all your commercial, municipal, and residential structural needs. Our staff is very experienced with designing Reinforced Concrete, Steel, and Timber. We can solve the needs of your most complex structures.
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Construction Inspection and Management
Every project requires experienced and proficient construction services for a successful completion. Rennia Engineering Design can provide the inspections and certifications that your project demands. Let us represent you throughout the duration of your project.